• Mysaltypedia - Another SA Forum first by MySaltyReef

    Reefers once again we are setting the trend for forums in South Africa.

    We, as the staff team, are proud to present to you MySaltyPedia!!!
    (You will find the tab in the navigation bar next to forum)

    MySaltyPedia is an interactive database for the members of the forum by the members of the forum

    So what can you do on MySaltyPedia???

    - Upload photos of your own fish or coral
    - Give a brief description of the general care requirements
    - Provide first hand experience to fellow members
    - Contribute to our ever expanding forum

    What will MySaltyPedia offer you as a member???
    - First hand experiences from fellow members
    - Learn more about the general care requirements of the animals we keep
    - Allows quick identification when contemplating whether to purchase the fish/coral
    - An awesome time browsing through beautiful photos of fish/corals kept in our very own members tanks

    You might think this is all good and well but how will we ensure the information that is posted is correct???

    Well... we recruited two of the most knowledgeable reefers in South Africa to keep an eye on the database.

    We are proud to introduce the police of MySaltyPedia
    @RichMatlock and @Lord_Blackadder

    we hope you enjoy the new feature we introduced and that those personal tips and tricks finally gets revealed

    Kind Regards
    MSR staff team
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    1. Naptalene's Avatar
      Naptalene -
      Quote Originally Posted by RichMatlock View Post
      Thanks again to the keyboard ninjas for getting this thing up and going and allowing slacky and myself to release our inner grammar nazis AND our marine biological systematics....
      Yes, everyone thoughted you guys were the perfection choice.
    1. Henkie's Avatar
      Henkie -
      Basically the only choice :-P
    1. MistaOrange's Avatar
      MistaOrange -
      That's awesome guys
    1. Pri's Avatar
      Pri -
      Well done guys this is awesome
    1. charlieb's Avatar
      charlieb -
      Fantastic thank you!

      Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
    1. RichMatlock's Avatar
      RichMatlock -
      Since I've started dabbeling on the MSP (I like the acronym) section, there are a couple of things that I've learned and a couple of recommendations I'd like to make. Firstly, it doesn't matter if there is already an entry for let's say a yellow tang - make your own as well - the system allows duplicates. Unfortunately when you are making your entry, the system only allows you to add a single pic - though you can add up to 5 pics once the entry has been created (and I/slacky have approved it). Please refrain from posting pics stolen off the interweb - if you have the fish/coral/whatever in your tank, there is nothing stopping you from taking a happy-snap of the beastie yourself. I'll still moderate some of the test postings with stolen images. This is not supposed to be a "copy/paste" job from the net as google is everyone's friend. This is supposed to be YOUR info about the beastie.

      And the grammar nazi inside of me is telling me too remind you that although scientific names start with an upper case letter, the 2nd name (species name) always is lower case.

      Have fun, and if you have somethign truely unique/unusual - PLEASE add it to our DB.

    1. TaahirS's Avatar
      TaahirS -
      Apologies 🙈👀😮

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    1. RichMatlock's Avatar
      RichMatlock -
      Just a quick reminder - if there is already a post of a specific fish on the MaSePoe..., I mean MySaltyPedia, then there is nothing stopping you from adding your own post with your own pics/experience of the beastie. I'm plodding along adding my own fish, and I do check a couple of times a day to update changes/new posts made by you lot, so keep them coming. I suspect slacky is lying in a cane field somewhere as I haven't heard anything from him for a while.
    1. phat's Avatar
      phat -
      yeah could people please post in it so its not over run by matlock and his obsession for local species only
    1. Naptalene's Avatar
      Naptalene -
      What do I do with sps?
      I'm useless at names etc. can I upload pics/post and get someone else to verify

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    1. RichMatlock's Avatar
      RichMatlock -
      Yeah - but I betta get a "thanks"...
    1. Naptalene's Avatar
      Naptalene -
      Always big boy, always :p

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    1. WarrenElvis's Avatar
      WarrenElvis -
      Don't forget this awesome feature guys.

      Adding the How to Guide link here
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